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Beru Art Museum



The Beru Art Museum was founded in 1992. The collection of ancient porcelain consists of over four thousand pieces, from the following periods and styles:


(1) Prehistoric Period
Painted Pottery, Grey Pottery, Black Pottery
(2) Shang Dynasty – White Pottery
(3) Han Dynasty – Green Glaze
(4) Six Dynasties – Celadon

(5) Sue Dynasty and Tang Dynasty – Colored, Three Colored, Celadon, White Glaze
(6) Sung Dynasty – Celadon, Blue and White Porcelain, White Glaze, Black Glaze, Mutative Ware of Jun
(7) Yuan Dynasty
Jun Ware, Blue and White Porcelain, Underglaze Blue Porcelain, Underglaze Red, Celadon
(8) Ming Dynasty -
Underglaze Blue Porcelain, Underglaze Red, Celadon, Blue and White Porcelain, Enamel Colors, Polychrome Decor, Three Colored, Buddhistic Patterns.
(9) Ching Dynasty
Partly Colored Pottery, Underglaze Blue Porcelain, Underglaze Red, Crayon, Polychrome Enamel Decor, Polychrome Decor, Enamel Colors, White Glaze, Black Glaze, Tapestry Pattern.

Wares from the famous kilns of each period have all been systematically collected. We have expended our efforts to present the developmental relationships between the various kilns and wares.


The Beru Museum founded in response to the government cultural construction, aiming to promote a life of art in our community and provide the public with a pleasant environment in which to appreciate art and culture. The theme of the museum’s current exhibit is underglaze blue wares from the Yuan and Ming dynasties, as well as the enamel colors wares related to the underglaze blue.



Free admission, open to the public

Currently, The Beru Art Museum is only free open enrollment for visiting for agencies and organizations across Taiwan. Through well-designed, simple term navigation trip, the history of the development of ceramic , and system type display of exhibits, the cultural essence of the millennium are fully into the visitor's browser to wake up the public the importance of Chinese traditional culture.

How to apply? 
Welcome to the company member, school authorities having 10 people (or more) for group visit, please make appointment in 15 working days before the event date.
Fees: None.
Contact: Section Manager- Mr. Fu, Operation Division of Sunnano Biotech Inc.
Tel: (06)5835151*578 or Email:

1. Open day: Monday-Friday. Open hour: 10:00-16:00
2. To maintain the tour service, no more than 50 people are acceptable for each guided tour (ex. More than 50 people can be divided into 2 tour groups). Actual participated group must be the same name with appointed group. Each guided tour is about 40-60 minutes.
3. Please comply with our rules, no food (beverage, water, chewing gum, and betel nut) in the museum, Photography is prohibited. If you intend to change the time and number, or wish to cancel the group guided tour, please call us to the museum at least 3 days ago before the appointment.
4. To maintain the visits quality, please observe museum etiquette when admission. Thank you for your cooperation.