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Sunnano Biotech Inc. certified ISO 14064-1


Sunnano Biotech Inc. is verified by SGS ISO14064-1: 2006 greenhouse gas inventory inspection. This is a new milestone of Sunnano Biotech Inc. to create an implementation of green corporate environmental responsibility and reduce environmental pollution.


The issues related to greenhouse gases have been subjected to international governments and enterprises’ concerns, and the accumulation of carbon dioxide emissions is also a main cause of the raise of earth's environment temperature. Sunnano Biotech Inc. Ting Jie Wang and Ting Kun Wang, two general managers, deem that enterprises have a responsibility for the planet; moreover, a company’s operation should not only for the profit. For this reason, the two general managers actively establish a various projects to reduce carbon emissions and waste of manufacturing process, in order to retain a pure and healthy environment for future generations.


The general manager Ting Jie Wang first introduced "Carbon Footprint" system into the company from the Executive Yuan Environmental Protection Agency in 2012. Then, the general manager, Ting Kun Wang, set up an ad hoc group to carry out a number of carbon emission reduction cycle plant operations. Under the leadership of two general managers, Sunnano Biotech Inc. had led the industries to receive Carbon Footprint Label by the end of 2012. In addition, this year, Sunnano Biotech Inc. starts "Water Footprint" and "Greenhouse Gas Inventory" programs, which efficiently enhance the whole plant water use and energy integration, and help us to achieve both Carbon and Water resources saving target.


To face with the advent of low-carbon era, the effective use of natural resources is the only way to maintain the sustainable development of our planet. Sunnano Biotech Inc. hopes to encourage the industry to join greenhouse gas inventory project, and make concerted efforts in the Earth's environmental protection.