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Ting Kun Wang Participated in Win-win Emerging Market Forum


    Win-win Emerging Market Forum, held in NTUH International Convention Center on November 13 th. Bureau of Foreign Trade invited experts and scholars from industry and academic fields for discussing business in the rising market.
    Ting Kun Wang, the managing director of Sunnano Biotech Inc., participated in the forum with food industry representatives, Zeng,Cheng-Lin, chairman of Grape King Bio.,Ltd, Zhang,Yun-Qi, the general manager of Hunya Foods.,Ltd, Liao,Wei-Jie, the vice general manager of TCI CO., LTD, and so on. Long,Wei-Nie, the counselor of Commerce Development Research Institute, took charge of the question and answer session and shared emerging markets’ successful experiences.
    Ting Kun Wang, the managing director of Sunnano Biotech Inc., shared Sunnano’s experiences, especially in the, Malaysia, Middle East, Indonesia, and Singapore. Sunnano Biotech Inc. or Nulife was called the arrival of the first Muslim market brand. The first lesson of stepping into the emerging market was how to become well with the locals and their custom. Since the locals believed in Islam, all of the products should be certificated by Halal Certification so as to unlock the brand distribution.
    In 2009, Sunnano Biotech Inc. established a team for doing market research, visiting Dubai, Kuwait and Malaysia, analyzing customer’s taste, lifestyle and health problems. Moreover, Sunnano Biotech Inc. participated in Halal Foods exhibitions several times. The product’s packaging and contents were written in both English and Arabic language. The exhibition booth decorated like Mosque style and the staff wore traditional Islam costumes for guiding. Ting Kun Wang believed that meeting the locals’ demands, new packaging, and nutritious value can create product differentiation and break through the local competition and make a separation.
Besides Halal Certification, Sunnano Biotech Inc. is accepted by FSSC 22000、HACCP、ISO 9001, and so forth. Before opening up an emerging market, business has to cultivate its quality and strength for managing sustainable development, Wang suggested. Most importantly, by establishing the positive image, Taiwan’s food industry will definitely prosper.