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The 5th Annual Nulife Sports Drinks Scholarship


     In 2012, Teamwells Cultural & Educational Foundation and Sunnano Biotech Inc., have jointly founded the “Nulife Sports Drinks Scholarship” with National Shan-Hua Senior High School under the spirit to encourage and motivate students to develop their full potentials in various circumstances which are ethical, intellectual, physical, social skills and aesthetic education.
  “The 5th Sports Drinks Scholarship Awarding Ceremony” was held at the Sunnano Biotech Inc., on Dec.24 th. There were 4 recipients, Lin, Wu, Tsai and Kung were awarded scholarship. “Thanks to the Nulife beverage for providing the opportunity, and I was happy to be awarded at this time.” Lin said.
 “When seeing these kids sharpening their athletic skills step by step, I am proud of them. It is difficult for Taiwan to gain the physical resources. Many excellent athletes drop out their dreams. Therefore, our national young athletics is running off in recent years. Hope these athletes can fulfill their dream someday. Ting Kun Wang, the Managing Director of Sunnano Biotech Inc., said. “

    Teamwells Cultural & Educational Foundation and Sunnano Biotech Inc., dedicate to reciprocating society. With the Nulife Sports Drink Scholarship, the Foundation and Sunnano are looking forward to being a model in the entrepreneur field in developing a sports star in the future.