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Ting Kun Wang awarded the Entrepreneur Achievement Award


 Ting Kun Wang (from the left 1)awarded the Entrepreneur Achievement Award
     The Association of Food Science and Technology held on Dec 5th. It’s an annual forum held at National Kaohsiung Marine University. Ting Kun Wang, the Managing Director of Sunnano Biotech Inc., was awarded the “Entrepreneur Achievement Award”, and awarded Hsu, Te-Chuan, the Chairman of Kisaraki Foods Co., LTD., Hung, Tsung-Hi, the Chairman of Yu Zong Foods Co. LTD, and Chen, Chi-Sheng the Chairman of Taiwon Food Co., LTD. for these entrepreneurs’ great dedication to food science industry.
    Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology is a civilian authoritative organization in Taiwan’s food industry, and its members represent eighty-percent of Taiwan’s food & beverage industry comprised of prestigious academic scholars and notable food enterprises.
    Since the remarkable entrepreneur was selected step by step, then the most representative entrepreneur came out. Ting Kun Wang, the Managing Director of Sunnano Biotech Inc., set an exceptional in environmental awareness.
    Ting Kun Wang , the Managing Director led the Sunnano’s team, breaking through the difficult situation; that is, to make the particles beverage which other enterprises could not make. Equipped with particulate UHT, Sunnano Biotech., customized to blend the particles and liquids to create the first Taiwan’s beverage which was packed by SIG Combolic aseptic carton called DrinkPlus series. The DrinkPlus series was awarded the culinary assessment by Belgian Government named “Monde Selection”. Monde Selection, is an authoritative culinary assessment institution, founded in 1961 by the Belgian government. It represents the highest quality of prestigious awards for global food industries.
 “Sunnano Biotech Inc., is the leading enterprise recognized by the SGS, FSSC 22000:2010 which included the ISO22000, PAS220PRP and HACCP certification. “By being recognized international food certificates, I believe Sunanano’s team could further enhance our quality and create a healthy e generation for our consumers.” Ting Kun Wang, the Managing Director of Sunnano Biotech Inc., noted.