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Get Together and Send Hunger on the Run



      On February 7 th, 2015, there are 50 thousand people gathered at the Kaohsiung World Games Stadium for "30 Hour Hunger on the Run" which was sponsored by Sunnano Biotech . Inc.,. The purpose of the campaign was to convey the passion and care for those who suffer from hungry. With love and care, besides Chen Jyu, the Mayor of Kaohsiung City, there are several singers singing, including Lin, Chun-Chieh, a famous singer, Chang, Tiao-Ning, an actress, Yang, Pei-An Wei, Li-An, Guo Jino, Kimberley and Li,Sheng-Jie, appearing at the spot. In addition, Lin, Chun-Chieh and Chang, Tiao-Ning shared their personal experiences in Haiti, where was destroyed by the striking earthquake.

      Despite of chilly wind, 50 thousand people’s hearts was warm. The host unit, World Vision Organization invited Lin, Chun-Chieh and Chang Tiao-Ning to be the event endorsers. The endorsers visited Haiti and expressed that Haiti averagely was lack of clean water. As celebrities, Lin, Chun-Chieh and Chang Tiao-Ning didn’t only comfort the refugees by the songs in Haiti, but brought their experiences during the caring journey back to Taiwan and shared with 50,000 people who participated to the “30 Hour Hunger on the Run”.
      Sunnano Biotech Inc., has dedicated to non-profit activities for a long time. Ting Kun Wang, the general manager of Sunnano Biotech Inc., spared his time leaving for the meaningful event. He was not only with the philanthropic spirit with 50,000 people but shared how Sunnano was recognized by the Water Resources Agency, and as the first FMCG enterprise to be certified in Asia. From the short talk, the audience realized what does Water Footprint mean and the environmental consciousness of beverage production.
      There were college students, junior high students and various groups participating at the "30 Hour Hunger on the Run". One of the participants from famous national senior high school said. “My classmates and I signed up the event last year, and we were all excited to attend the event before we graduate. It’s meaningful to me. In addition, we learned something new from sharing by the Sunnano’s executive chief . For example, we learned what the Water Footprint was and Nulife Bubble Milk Tea’s water amount was assessed from raw material to the final production. Most importantly, theses knowledge can not be gained from school. ”