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Nülife celebrate selling six billion units of SIG aseptic products!


In 1989, Nülife released the first SIG Combibloc packaging for Bubble black tea. This product was small, cheap, good taste and convenient to store, thus it changed consumer perception and purchasing habits for drinks. In these 24 years, Nülife has already been sold more than six billion units of SIG aseptic products! Sunnano Biotech Inc., responsible for producing Nülife beverage, held the celebration especially in Taipei Circle on Oct. 26th. Ting-Kuan Wang, General Manager of Sunnano Biotech Inc., said” While many manufacturers have moved to Mainland China or Southeast Asia, Nülife still has insisted in production in Taiwan. Because we are proud of Taiwan’s quality and Nülife is the most representative local symbol of Taiwanese.


Popular host: Belle Yu supports with friendship.

A beautiful guest, Belle Yu, show up in the celebration on Oct. 26th. Belle Yu is a current popular host in Taiwan and she participated in the celebration event to jointly open a lively prelude. Belle Yu said, I drank Nülife drinks when I was a child, it’s my memory of childhood, the most loyal with me, and always the same good taste. The event also invited A-Jon, state banquet chef, Stanley, borderless creative cuisine talent, David, Iraq traditional cuisine talent, and Amy, British Chef to teach audiences how to cook good cuisines by using Nülife drinks.