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Sunnano reduced CO2 emission by 54%


Tainan Mayor showed Tainan’s energy-conservation achievement with the local business at the 2014 Tainan Carbon Footprint seminar. Ting Kun Wang, (from the right2) the Managing Director of Sunnano Biotech Inc.,
On November 20th, Ting Kun Wang, the Managing Director of Sunnano Biotech Inc., was invited to participate at the 2014 Tainan City press conference held by Environmental Protection Agency. Sunnano Biotech Inc., represented Tainan’s FMCG for presenting the effect of energy-conservation and carbon dioxide emission reduction.
Tainan Mayor, Lai, Ching-Te and Zhang and Huang-Zhen, the chief of environmental protection bureau of Tainan City government, presented this achievement of carbon-reducing to citizen, and praised the local enterprises’ contribution; Eco-Friendly City.
Sunnano Biotech Inc., is committed to reduce CO2 emissions. Since 2011, Sunnano Biotech Inc., has placed much emphasis on carbon Footprint label plan. In particular, most popular beverage- Nülife Bubble Tea Series which was sold out over 60 million had reduced the carbon dioxide emission by 54%, Wang said. It is worthy to mention that 60 million packs equals to the two-way times from the Earth to the Moon.
In 2014, we renewed and added the carbon Foot print Label for 10 products while applying Water Footprint project at the same time. Not only as the first FMCG enterprise in Taiwan obtain ISO Water Footprint, but as a leader certified by ISO Water Footprint in Asia.
Besides practicing the energy-conservation and carbon dioxide emission reduction, Ting Kun Wang aims to focus on every aspect of the environment in Shanhua factory and product manufacturing. In 2013, the Shanhua factory has reduced the carbon dioxide emission by 865 tons, which is 1.73 bigger than a Da-An Forest Park. Sunnano Biotech Inc., leads a good example in the field. Economics and environment double-practicing hit the road.