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Management Philosophy

  “Honesty, Faith, Diligence, Perseverance, Generosity and Sincerity.”
   is our commitment to you.


Sunnano Biotech Inc. is the most professional beverage OEM/ODM factory. We not only have the ability with ODM and OEM product development center, but also spend the higher cost of imports SIG Combibloc machine from Germany, instantaneous time sterilization system from Japan, and Three in One PET hot filling facility. All machines are full automation of production equipment and autonomy of production management; thus, our beverage manufacturing process is safety, health and trustworthy.



In the era of change and meager profit, only Sunnano Biotech Inc. insists on doing right things to adhere to honesty and overcoming all obstacles to walk out of a different path from the continuous process improvement, innovation and R & D.


"Honesty, Faith, Diligence, Perseverance, Generosity and Sincerity." is Sunnano Biotech Inc.'s commitment to you. Our beverage production teams have more than 20 year experience to serve our customers. Because the essence after time refines for many years of perfect manufacturing experience, we stick to the principle of good faith in order to produce the highest quality products and meet the highest standards as a priority to have your satisfaction and feel at ease.