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Quality Policies

4 Main Policies; Adhere to Quality



We uphold the "customer first, quality first, safety and health, service innovation," the quality of the four policy. Thus, whole plant has met international standards of quality management activities, and the pursuit of continuous improvement and problem prevention since 1994.

Since1995, we already have passed FSSC2200 , Taiwan Quality Food (TQF) and Taiwan SGS, HACCP, ISO22000, and HALAL verification. Meanwhile, we still commit to enhance the quality, productivity and level of customer satisfaction. We also provide customers with safe food and attentive services, uphold the spirit of sound, practical, and honest to create e-generation of consumer health secure.


Our Quality Commitment


"Customer Satisfaction; Continuous Improvement."  Sunnano Biotech Inc. commits on establishing, implementing and maintaining a complete quality management system. We are customer-oriented and continue to understand customer's need. We also provide product and service which meet with customer's quality requirement on time and continuously enhance customer satisfaction.


We commit that in order to establish product's good quality and maintain high customer satisfaction, we will strictly enforce the following policies:

Quality Control- To achieve continual improvement in order to create customer satisfaction.
Anti-Terrorism- To prevent and combat any forms of food scare in our products. Every employee
         must ensure and take additional measures to protect the safety and quality of products and
         productions from terrorist acts.

Environmental Safety and Sanitation Policies: To establish concrete objectives for a safe,
         sanitizing, and environmental friendly working atmosphere, all matters relative to
         environment, safety, and/or health issues should be reported immediately with promptly
         investigated, and executed to prevent future recurrences.
Food Safety Policy: To provide the safest and highest quality food and beverage products at all
         stages of the supply chain; from production to end user consumption. Every employee in the
         supply chain has a diligent responsibility to supply quality products.