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Our Vision

Eight Strategies, Rooted in Taiwan, Integration in the World


Ting Kun Wang,
chairman of Sunnano Biotech Inc.

Sunnano Biotech Inc. follows the eight philosophies of 

- Management Diversification

- Product Diversification

- Logistical Internationalization

- Life and Artistry

- Corporate Group, Financial

- Diversification

- Professional Management

- Community Outreach.



The practicable implementations include:

To create and introduce innovative conceptual products, and production solutions to the company’s businesses via professionalism and dynamic customer service, quality assurance and precision, and technological know-how;

To consistently provide professional, expedient, and effective services to meet our customers’ needs at all levels of operations;
To continually deliver good quality products and ideas to our customers;
To generate, develop and provide challenging and rewarding careers for our employees and their families as well as to uphold and enrich the interests of our stakeholders.

To achieve the consensus of all colleagues and to do the utmost to ensure our development, we aims to complete the automation of productions, providing one step shop product development service, and extending the sales network to China and the global markets. We believe that based upon our solid foundation, and the full cooperation of the colleagues, we are able to establish a splendid new era for Sunnano Biotech and benefiting more to the whole society.


150 Families is Our Motivation for Moving Forward to the World.

Go forth to meet the occasion of the world, we never forget our family. More than 150 employees and their families are our family members. We not only provide competitive salary, but also spend millions on building The Beru Art Museum in our park.

Centennial porcelains are everlasting and elegance. Through the arts and cultural products exhibition series, they relieve our family members' working stress and create a more business-friendly demeanor and goodness of the work environment in Tainan.

We expect to provide you more perfect services and products through the hands and intention of every family.

Sunnano Biotech Inc. staff photo in front of Ji-huan Da-peng tree in Shanhua, Tainan headquarter.