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Manufacturing Inquiry

With 30 year OEM service experiences and professional independent R&D team, Sunnano Biotech Inc. provides you reliable ODM and OEM service. We have professional production technique, excellent and stable quality, complete storage and transportation management. All-in services are well recognized. Our partners were SUNKEY TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION、Tao Ti、T.Grand international Co, Ltd、AGV productions Corporation and Teamwells. Sunnao Biotech Inc. has a milestone selling six billion units of SIG aspetic products in 2013. We became the biggest SIG beverage OEM/ODM manufacturer in Taiwan, and also the greatest option for being your business partner. More manufacturing environment and R&D team introduction are descripted in the page of service item and R&D team.

OEM/ODM item: SIG, PET bottle packaging beverage, customized design, tea, coffee, diary, sports drink, juice, particle drinks, and so on. You are welcome to visit our site visit and discuss the business opportunity.
Contact line:+886-6-5835151
If having other business consulting, you can also fill out the inquiry form to contact us, we will contact you shortly.