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Vending Machine

- Whole new beverage and snack vending machine simultaneous appear in the market:


No waste each store's floor space; to maximize efficiency fragmented space.
No affect business time; to have people consume for 24 hrs.

No add your labor costs; to ease your worry from installation, maintenance and replenishment responsible by our professional team.

No pay any expense, we will provide commission depending on operating situation to appreciate your provided store's space.

Apply easily, Install simply. Provide consumers more food choices on beverage and snack vending machine.
Enhance competitive advantage for your store; effectively catch the crowds and money.



- What should I provide?


Independent power outlet
Space for putting one vending machine (Length77cm*Width105 cm *Height 183 cm)

Please call (06)583-5151*532 Sunnano Biotech.-Department of Channel business or provide your contact number, person contact, and store address from our website. Our professional team will contact with you in 3 days to provide you sale suggestion, beverage distribution, replenishment, maintenance and other services.

Service hour: Monday through Friday 08:30~17:30
Apply line: (06)583-5151*532 Sunnano Biotech.-Department of Channel business



- Cooperation Process





- Introduction of beverage and snack vending machine:



Meet with strict saving environmental standards.

PET bottles, SIG and canned beverages can be sold simultaneously in beverage vending machine.

It has hot and cold drinks function to fulfill instant needs drinking hot coffee in winter.

Snacks, bread, instant noodle and necessary goods can be sold simultaneously in snack vending machine.




Automatic Beverage Vending Machine 

 Function: Sell hot and cold drinks.

 Category: PET bottle, SIG and canned beverage

 Channel: 24 channels, 6 channels among them
(19-24) can replace hot drinks

 Temperature control: fridge: 5℃±2 , Max.Temperature heating: 55℃±5

 Size: (D)770mm*(W)1050mm*(H)1830mm,
Weigh±460 Kg

 Power: 110V

 Source lamp: 20W LED*2 lamps , 30W LED* 2 lamps

 Coin identification: $1 / $5 / $10 / $20 / $50 and hundred bill.


Automatic Snack Vending Machine  

 Function: sell normal temperature drinks.

 Category: Snack, bread, instant noodles and necessary goods.

 Channel: 15-18 channels (adjustable by store's space)

 Temperature control: normal temperature

 Size: (D)840mm*(W)768mm*(H)1820mm,

 Power: 110V

 Source lamp: 4W LED*2 lamps

 Coin identification: $1 / $5 / $10 / $20 / $50 and hundred bill.