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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) 


Sunnano Biotech Inc. owns near 30 year professional OEM technique and teams and is well-known domestic beverage OEM manufacturers. Our clients were famous brands, such as Sunkey Technologies Corporation, AGV productions Corporation and Teamwells. We have professional production technique, excellent and stable quality, complete storage and transportation management. The results of services are well recognized. We have a milestone selling six billion units of SIG aspetic products in 2013, stacked height is equivalent to 1.47 million buildings for the Taiwan 101 building. This shows Nülife won the trust of consumers and affirmation.


Client Name Year  Product Name
Sunkey Technologies Corporation  2002 ~ present

 1. Nülife bubble series: Black tea, green tea, jasmine tea, milk tea.
 2. Nülife Iced series: coffee and milk
 3. Nülife sports drink, scottish black tea, Taiwan good tea.
 4. Nülife corn tea, Winter Melon Tea, Mesona, Soya Milk.
 5. Cranberry Mixed Juice, Fruit Tea Series

Teamwells International  2002 ~ present  Pou-chong tea, Roselle Lemon C
AGV Productions Corporation  2009 ~ 2010  Vegetable juice, wheat tea, Red Guava juice, SaSaYa Coconut Drink
T. Grand International、Tao Ti  2004 ~ 2010  Assam tea series, grapefruit and lemon drinks, citrus lemon drinks,
 tea and coffee.
Lailai Logistic Co. (OK Mart)  2010  LAI LOHAS Sports Drink
Taiwan Tobacco & Liqour Co.   2013  100% Grape Juice
O2+ Life Co. (Laohuyatzi)   2014  MOVE Sports Drink



ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

Beverage R&D and production teams of Sunnano Biotech Inc. provide excellent customized products and packaging techniques. The result of sale is recognized in the market for many years. We also cooperate with SIG Combibloc company to import particle filling technique, developed “Grained Nülife series” product successfully and became the only aseptic wrapping particles beverage manufacturers.


- With Three Large Unmatched Characteristics; No One Beyond The Industry.