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Upright, foursquare and spacious storage space; sea/land/air transportation service integration


With Sunnano Biotech complete OEM/ODM technique service, we also provide customized logistics planning service to reduce customer's transportation and storage fees within transactions. We also use concise and simple SOP to assist shortening customer's delivery time to have maximum profit to each other.


From Top to bottom of supply chain system: We provide customized solution from raw material purchase, quality management, package, storage and delivery. To evaluate customer's logistics needs in different stages by providing from top to bottom all-in planning and service.

 Storage management of smooth line of motion: Sunnano has upright and foursquare layout and spacious storage space adjacent to the operating position of the finished packing.


Sea/land/air transportation and distribution: Whether domestic or export trade, our company can provide full and consolidate container based on customer's different shipment quantity. With a variety of modes of transport shorten the shipping process, we deliver fast your products around the world.

Upright and foursquare layout to provide you with plenty of storage space.  



Smooth and spacious delivery routes to enhance transport efficiency.  


1. Top-bottom supply system                          
2. Complete handling equipment and emphasis on safety operations.          
3. A variety of modes of transport shorten the shipping process.