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Social Services

Care Neighborhood and Foster deep plowing

Sunnano Biotech Inc. was rooted deeply in Tainan, Taiwan. Through our green environment and a variety of operating improvements to strengthen pollution control plant, we also actively involved in social welfare, uphold the spirit back to the community and take corporate social responsibility, Our important benchmark are as the followings:


For historical Inheritance, we build The Beru Art Museum.


The Beru Art Museum in Shanhua headquarter exhibits about four thousand pieces of ancient ceramics and porcelain from Prehistoric, Shang, Zhou, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing centuries. It's free open enrollment for visiting for agencies and organizations across Taiwan. Through well-designed, simple term navigation trip, the history of the development of ceramic , and system type display of exhibits, the cultural essence of the millennium are fully into the visitor's browser to wake up the public the importance of Chinese traditional culture.


National Sun Yat-sen University   National Cheng Kung University   Ta-Jen University 

The list of current visiting group :

Fooyin University 102.07.08
Ta-Jen University 102.07.04
National Tainan Special School 102.05.22
National Cheng Kung University, BA camp 102.01.31
Dept. of Nutrition and Health Science of Fooyin University 101.11.29
National Sun Yat-sen University, Growth Experience camp 101.10.24
National Cheng Kung University, Student association. 100.12.06


“Nülife CUP” of Taiwan-Japan Junior hardball baseball tournament events


Nülife beverage jointed with Sports Administration, Ministry of Education and Chinese Taipei baseball association to host” 2013 Nülife CUP of Taiwan-Japan Junior hardball baseball tournament events”. By the opportunity which Japanese Junior league come to Taiwan for the game, it attracted international media attention on Taiwan Junior baseball league and provides the networking opportunity to demonstrate their skills.


Date:Aug.19 to Aug. 21, 2013

Location: PingTung Baseball Stadium, Ping Tung TaiSugar Baseball Stadium and Linlo Sport Park Baseball Stadium

Caption: Ting Kun Wang, the chairman of Sunnano Biotech, was invited to open the ceremony.



Joining "Do Good Things Team," - Orange cake charity


Belle Yu invited Sunnano Biotech Inc. to participate in "Do Good Things Team" by unfixable organization with zero administration expenses” to release 20 thousand cakes in limited volume yearly to donate about NTD 2 million for Tai-Dong Liberator nursing home to support children who need help.

Caption: Chairman of Sunnano Biotech, Ting Kun Wang,  and Belle Yu, the host of this charity, took photo for publicity shots 


Tainan Charity Marathon: unspent balance are donated to a Tainan City Government Bureau of Social Affairs.

To promote sports and social care, we help to organize charity marathon events. People who loved road race were involved in the events. Besides promoting physical and mental health and encouraging national sport, Sunnano Biotech Inc. sponsored this event and had the consultation with Rotary Club organizers, unspent balance are donated to Tainan City Government Bureau of Social Affairs to counsel who really need to be helped.



Established Nülife sports scholarship to support baseball team.

To reward and care students attending from Tainan National Shanhua high school baseball team and basketball team, our company begins to establish Nülife sports scholarship every calendar year from Nov. 2012. There are four places each semester. Per selected students can receive NTD 5,000 per semester of incentives to implement the development of outstanding young sports talent of a modern civic literacy.


To create employment opportunities for local; To train internal personnel.


Sunnano Biotech Inc. actively participates in recruitment activities organized by the local authorities in Tainan, and in cooperation with local employment service stations, hiring people with disabilities. The acceptance rate is more than 2 times ruled by the prescribed authority. Meanwhile, our acceptance rate is 26% for participating in the flagship youth employment program. For Nurturing talent within the company, Sunnano Biotech Inc. organizes occasional "summer job employment opportunities for their employees' activities, moreover, we also provide physiological employees leave, family care leave and maternity leave benefits, and provide a complete education training to help employees acquire professional skills to implement corporate responsibility and sustainable development spirit.