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Research and Developmemt


Solid research experience; Unique market competitiveness


Sunnano research team starts with TQF, and ISO international quality certification, and uphold provides safety, health, and quality products. Since established from 1986, we accumulated a total of 177 products are launched with excellent speed and capacity development.

The series of "Nülife bubble tea" and "Nülife sports drink" have accompanied consumers more than 20 years were awarded "Gold Brand Award" of gold affirmed trademark since they are launched. Morever, we were awarded for "Most Popular Brand" certificates by Eighth National Brand Yushan Award. On years of brand image is unshakable in consumer's mind.

R & D team rely on the consumer market acuity to launch aseptic wrapping particles drinks in 2013. In the same year, "Grained nülife-Chocolate milk with coconut flakes" and "Grained nülife -Pearl milk tea with QQ grain" were awarded for 2013 Belgain Monde Selection to certainly lead a new generation of tea flavor technologies and trends.




(Left 1:) To confirm the quality of the final product to be shipped.

(Left 2:) From the deployment to the finished product, our quality assurance personnel will sample the contents of taste and quality.


Pursuit of sophisticated ; Customer-oriented

Sunnano conducts product satisfaction survey annually. We use the best way to close to the customer and listen to the sound of every consumer. Through professional data analysis, we provide the result to set for the new product development process.
We also have sophisticated spirit on pursuit of perfection to support consumer feedback.


For OEM and ODM, Sunnano has more complete tasting system. Through the initial batch of prototype development and proofing and periodically tested for target groups, we mobilize the right taste based on the results of repeated experiments opinions. We present the most practical and stable attitude and adhere to customer's product quality guarantee.


Diversification of product development is one of the characteristics of Sunnano’s pride. Iron aluminum cans, SIG Combibloc, plastic bottles, glass jars and other packaging products. Beverages lines cover tea drinks, dairy products, coffee, sports drinks and other range of products. Sunnano is one of the few manufacturers has self- brand product and OEM/ODM ability.


Taiwan's only original technology for particles at normal temperature


2013 launched the "Grained Nulife" series.
"Grained nülife-Chocolate milk with coconut flakes" and "Grained nülife -Pearl milk tea with QQ grain" were awarded Bronze Award for 2013 Belgain Monde Selection.

We lasted two years and three months research and development, used more than 176 kinds of material, and done more than 200 laboratory tests to reach the world's highest standards of preservation limits.
With exclusive unmatched tube sterilization to customized content proportions.
Adding raw materials online, Dry and wet particles can be produced.
Flexible Packaging Technology, polygonal, slant, kinds of capacity that can be set, and special printing technique attract consumers' attention.